Circularity Grade – BS8001

The tool that measures the circularity of your company in accordance with the guidelines of the British standard BS8001:2017, which can identify areas for improvement and help you communicate your potential to partners and investors.

grado di circolarità

Measure your circularity and plan for the future

The Circularity Grade measures and certifies your current and projected business performance, supporting management and directing future investments towards the circular economy.

The benefits of the Circularity Grade
Reputation growth

Migliori opportunità di comunicazione  e crescita della brand reputation verso clienti, investitori e partner

Improved performance

Improved performance, reduced process costs and improved resource efficiency

Improved rating

Improvement of the financial rating, which facilitates access to credit and influences investor assessment

How the attestation works
Assessment and data collection

At the end of the document collection according to the British standard BS8001:2017, the Circularity team will assess the company’s positioning according to the level of circular maturity

Definition of the improvement plan

Analysis of relevance to the company and assignment of weights to the indicators assessed, definition of the scope and mapping of the main actions to achieve the objectives set

Circularity report and certification

Processing of the results and preparation of a Circularity Report that can be integrated with the context analysis in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 or with a possible Sustainability Report. Support in obtaining certification by an independent third party body

Obtaining the Circularity Grade also offers the possibility of implementing a certified management system for the circular economy. The Afnor XP X30-901:2018 standard is functional for the certification of innovative and development projects with an international methodology and can be integrated with other systems already implemented in the company, for a holistic view of all company processes.

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