Sustainability Certifications

Measuring sustainability

Circularity offers certifications to measure, certify and implement the sustainability of your company, qualifying it in the eyes of all stakeholders. 


Sustainability Assessment

The Sustainability Assessment is our corporate sustainability assessment tool, useful to define a strategy towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). After filling out an assessment questionnaire, you will receive a report on the current sustainability performance of your company and a plan for improvement, based on a set of future goals and monitoring indicators. 


Measure the circularity of your business in accordance with the new UNI 11820 standard, the standard that identifies 6 circular economy factors to integrate them into your business reality. The tool measures the performance of business processes and allows you to obtain a specific indicator that certifies your company’s commitment to the circular economy.

It also identifies areas for improvement and increases your reputation by objectively communicating potential to external parties such as investors and partners.


Materials Under Control

The protocol, created by the certifying body RINA exclusively for Circularity, to reduce the use of plastic and paper in the company, managing them in a virtuous manner and eliminating the dispersion of waste into the environment.  

Materials Under Control bridges the gap in regulations and avoids the adoption of ineffective and incorrect practices such as green-washing or the demonization of certain essential materials.  

We support companies through all four strategic operational steps to achieve certification:  

  • Mapping disposable products  
  • Replacing them with sustainable materials  
  • Raising employee awareness  
  • Communication of the commitment to all stakeholders
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