Green touch – ISO26000

Enhance your company’s reputation and credibility with Green Touch, the tool created by RINA exclusively for Circularity which certifies sustainability according to the ISO2600 standard

Why the certificate

Performance improvement

Improved performance, reduced process costs and improved resource efficiency

Ensuring transparency

Ensure full transparency to stakeholders on occupational health and safety conditions and staff remuneration

Increasing efficiency

Development and optimisation of stakeholder relations:

Suppliers, Territory, Authorities, Credit, Customers, Investors


Document collection

Start data collection according to the guidelines of the ISO26000 standard and assess the organisation’s sustainability according to the 6 reference factors

Audit and attestation

Obtain the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the validation of the protocol by a third-party Certification Body

Improvement plan

Get support in identifying improvement targets in critical areas and in implementing sustainability initiatives

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