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valorizzazione della materia
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The current model of economic development is consuming more resources than our planet has to offer, producing too much waste that cannot be put to good use again. In order to understand what we can do to reduce our “weight” on the planet, this course address the concept of Ecological Footprint, what are the national and international strategies to cope with the lack of raw materials and finally will guide us throught the principles of the waste management system in Italy to give them a new life. 

Topics for this course

Renewable matter

  • play_circle 1/3 The Ecological Footprint schedule09:49
  • play_circle 2/3 Recovery Strategies schedule07:36
  • play_circle 3/3 Waste Recycling schedule14:20
Meet the lecturer  
Alberto Pizzocchero Environmental engineer

Environmental engineer specialising in sustainability, optimisation of waste management and treatment. He has always been passionate about the environmental issues of our society and is an expert in Europlanning and the development of environmental projects linked to the Circular Economy. “I am convinced that the Circular Economy is the answer capable of conveying social progress and quality of life with the enhancement and protection of the environment.” 

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