Circular production chain 

The consultancy that supports companies in the development of a circular production chain by acting on the collection, recovery and enhancement of products released for consumption, once they have reached their end of life.

The stages of the circular production chain consultancy 

We offer a comprehensive approach to the recovery and valorisation of end-of-life products. From preliminary feasibility analysis to pilot project implementation, taking into account all technical-regulatory-economic aspects.  

Preliminary and scenario analysis  

Definition of the project scope and identification of the best recovery/recycling scenarios through the analysis of the reference regulatory context. Analysis of operational, environmental and economic aspects.  

Pilot project  

Realisation of a pilot project to implement the best case scenario of collection and recovery/recycling of the reference product.  Support for scalability and replicability strategies in the national and international context.  

Possible accompaniment to innovation projects 

Support in the correct drafting and presentation of innovation projects in the context of Italian (PNRR, MISE) and European (HORIZON EUROPE, LIFE, INTERREG) projects.  

Why choose this consultancy  

Production companies can no longer focus only on economic performance, but must also take environmental and social aspects into account. A circular production chain can successfully combine all these aspects.  

Adapting to new regulations  

Like the European Union’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) 

More sustainable and circular future

Every company must reduce the impacts of its products placed on the market  

Meeting consumer needs  

Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability issues  

Project Partners  

We make use of a wide network of private and institutional partners able to support us in the all-round realisation of a circular production chain and in the valorisation of end-of-life products.  

case history

Find out how Circularity has helped companies to apply the principles of the circular economy in their business model

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