Case history

Lic Packaging



LIC Packaging S.p.A is an Italian company operating in the Brescia area since its foundation in 1952. Initially active in the printing sector, over the decades the company has specialised in the research, design and supply of packaging and display solutions capable of covering the entire product life cycle: from packaging, through preservation and transport, to their display in points of sale.  

 The proposed solutions use only paper and corrugated cardboard whose sources of supply are carefully selected to guarantee the full sustainability of the raw materials used in the production processes. In fact, the company can now boast 100% FSC-certified raw material sourcing, a certification that guarantees the traceability and sustainability of the entire supply chain. The company’s focus on adopting a new business model also passes through good practices attentive to the principles of the circular economy: to date, in fact, 75% of the raw material used is recycled and the paper and cardboard waste produced is entirely reused in its production process.  

  The desire to follow up on the path taken, aimed at the solid integration of the principles underlying the concept of Sustainable Development, has pushed the company towards signing a partnership with Circularity® to measure its sustainability performance through the


 The Circularity® tool provides companies with an initial analysis of the sustainability path undertaken, assessing the level of assimilation of the concepts contained in the United Nations 2030 Agenda and, at the same time, the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contained therein. The Circularity team provides constant support to the company: through the filling in of the company performance assessment questionnaire and the collection of documents required to validate the answers provided, an output (Sustainability Assessment Report) is produced on the company’s current Sustainability performance accompanied by a customised improvement plan with clear future objectives and the relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for its monitoring.  

The assessment carried out by means of the Circularity® Sustainability Assessment, for LIC Packaging, has therefore represented a first moment of analysis of the effectiveness of the actions undertaken to date in the field of social, environmental and economic sustainability, finally providing solid indications for the identification of improvement actions aimed at guaranteeing an even more solid positioning on the subject and a differentiation of its brand identity compared to its competitors present on its reference market.  

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