Case history


Target: Decarbonization plan

Piano di decarbonizzazione

Sibeg Coca-Cola in Sicily is the franchise bottler operator that oversees the production and development of The Coca-Cola Company branded drinks in Sicily.  

 Always proactive and ahead of its time with regard to sustainability, over the years Sibeg has taken several important steps towards a more sustainable production model. In particular, it has long adopted a fleet of 100% electric vehicles for its sales fleet, it has expanded its capacity for self-production through photovoltaics, it has installed charging stations for its electric fleet and operates a policy of careful monitoring and management of its energy consumption. 


With the aim of organising the various projects undertaken under a common strategy, thus prioritising future actions, Sibeg commissioned Circularity to carry out a calculation of its carbon footprint based on the international ISO 14064 standard, analysing both its direct and indirect emissions accordingly.  

 An in-depth and wide-ranging analysis of the emissions attributable to the company made it possible to return a detailed picture of the various emission activities, highlighting the main hotspots and qualifying the quality of the available data, thus prioritising the areas for action.


On the basis of this, it was possible to build a decarbonisation plan tailored to Sibeg’s needs, integrated with the company’s future prospects and consistent with the reduction targets identified by the Science Based Targets (SBTs). The different proposed projects were characterised and pre-qualified from the point of view of their expected environmental benefits, economic and technical extremes for their implementation and possible timeframes for their implementation.  

 In addition to this, the final document contains the necessary methodological and bibliographical references to support the company’s carbon footprint certification process. 

 As Sibeg’s is a long-term commitment, Circularity also offered the necessary support to update the carbon footprint and decarbonisation plan for future years. 

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