Strategic sustainability plan

A sustainability plan outlines how your organisation plans to achieve the objectives that create financial, social and environmental sustainability. Depending on the product sector,Circularity supports companies in planning and adopting a strategic approach to sustainability, as well as defining Corporate Social Responsibility objectives that generate a positive impact on the environment and its stakeholders.

strategia e bilancio di sostenibilità
Project phases  

From the drafting of the strategic plan and business plan to the definition of feasibility and operational guidelines for the implementation of CSR objectives. Our team of experts manages all project phases adopting a systemic approach and building measurable operational plans.  

Assessment and materiality 

Analysis of the context in which the company operates and mapping of its positioning in terms of CSR strategies and initiatives, with a focus on areas for improvement 

Definition of strategic plan  

Assessment of areas of intervention, identification of commitments and objectives, construction of an efficient data collection system to measure the company’s progress and monitor progress over time 

Drafting of Disclosure Report  

Integrate CSR objectives into company strategy, define monitoring and governance KPIs and plan interventions by sharing responsibilities with the stakeholders involved.  

Benefits for the company  
Competitive advantage  

RBeing sustainable is a competitive advantage that allows you to gain a winning position and increase turnover  

Stakeholder involvement

Increasing internal and external stakeholder engagement improves brand image, attracts new talent and customers   

Investment attraction

A Sustainability Report aligned with GRI standards and Sustainable Development Goals improves financial rating and facilitates access to credit

Case histories  

Find out how Circularity has helped companies apply circular economy principles in their business model

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