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Target: Sustainability Strategy & Reporting


Defining a sustainability strategy is a business trend gaining strength every day, gaining the trust of companies, in a market increasingly driven by conscious, sensitive and responsible consumers.  

Fewer and fewer companies are uninvolved in the engine of sustainable development, but very few are seriously working to activate its levers. The Menarini Group has chosen to follow in the wake of companies such as Chiesi Farmaceutici, which are making sustainability the main driver for their business. 

Menarini is an Italian pharmaceutical company with 135 years of history: founded in 1886 in Naples, in 1915 it moved to Florence, where its headquarters are still located today. Today, the Group has a geographical presence ranging from Europe to Asia, from Africa to the Middle East, and on to Central America and the United States.

Starting in March 2021, the Menarini Group has chosen to be supported by Circularity and its partners in defining its strategy for development, awareness and investment in sustainability, with a focus on environment, health and safety. The project involves European production sites and focuses mainly on five Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda:

Circularity, together with the Cattolica University of Milan, declined the Menarini Group’s sustainability project according to the client’s specific needs, articulating it in three main phases:

Determination of Menarini’s current positioning compared to its competitors, defined both qualitatively and quantitatively through a detailed HSE data analysis.

Identification of the key opportunities through which Menarini could make its greatest contribution to the sustainable development of its company.

Definition of the action plan, consisting of concrete projects in both the short and medium to long term.

Following the analysis, 27 concrete actions were identified and proposed, including digitisation, monitoring, green energy purchase, management and offsetting of CO2 equivalent emissions, reuse of packaging, donation of IT equipment, etc. If Menarini chooses to implement all the proposed actions, it would be running neck and neck with the best in class, including Sanofi, Chiesi and Roche, for the consolidated integration of sustainability among its core values.  

Each Strategic Sustainability Plan, when first implemented, acts as a trigger for a mechanism that must be acquired, metabolised and automated at a corporate level, for the continuous search for targets and actions for improvement, to make sustainability its foundation by embracing it as a common goal, of companies, communities, as well as individual citizens.  

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