Assessment Tools

Measuring sustainability

The Circularity Platform offeres a single tool that allows companies to digitize the measurement activities of their sustainability, circular economy and environmental impact performances through different integrated tools.


Sustainability Assessment

The Sustainability Assessment tool evaluates the degree of corporate sustainability and the company’s achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through the guided compilation of a survey, companies can obtain a score ranging from 0 to 100 and a personalized improvement plan based on their business priorities. On the Circularity Platform it will be possible to get an automatic report containing:

  • Sustainability performance score;
  • Improvement plan with measurable KPIs;
  • Documentary review to support the answers.


The Circularity Assessment measures the degree of company Circularity based on the standard UNI/TS 11820:2022.

By completing the assessment, the Circularity tool returns the circularity level related to one or more company plants, with a score broken down into 6 thematic areas. The tool offers the possibility to identify the main strengths and opportunities for improvement.

On the Circularity Platform it will be possible to get an automatic report containing:

  • The score indicating the overall and specific circularity level for each thematic area;
  • Documentary review to support the answers to the questionnaire (on request).
GHG Reporting Tool


The tool for  monitoring and  reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions attributable to the Company.

The GHG Reporting Tool allows you to quantify company emissions in the reference year, facilitating data collection and display of results thanks to a functional and intuitive interface. It is also possible to build a scenario analysis to simulate possible emission reduction strategies.

The report can be certified according to the most common certification standards (SBTs, ISO 14064-1, GHG Protocol), and Circularity offers dedicated support for obtaining certification, providing as output:

  • Customized dashboard for data collection, visualization of results and future scenarios;
  • Emissions report compliant with the chosen reference legislation;
ESG Reporting Tool


The functional tool for data collection for the drafting of a Sustainability Report, compliant with the GRI standards and the CSRD and functional for annual reporting.

Through the guided compilation, it is possible to obtain your own materiality analysis and access your personalized and updatable dashboard from year to year, thus reporting the key ESG indicators for the Company. The Circularity Platform output will provide a summary report of:

  • Materiality Analysis;
  • Monitoring of performance indicators;
  • GRI Content Index

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