Sustainability Assessment

The Sustainability Assessment measures the degree of sustainability of your company in a simple and immediate way, developing a tailor-made improvement plan for you.

The corporate sustainability assessment tool 

Fill in the questionnaire, measure your level of sustainability and find out how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The three types of Sustainability Assessment 


An environmental sustainability assessment tool, usable through self-completion of the online questionnaire


Fill in the questionnaire, upload supporting documents and have our technical team review them.


In addition to the document review, you will be provided with a customised and in-depth report.

How it works

The Sustainability Assessment is a tool for assessing corporate sustainability as a snapshot of current performance against each Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). The Assessment process consists of several steps:

Company profiling

The company profiling phase is essential to identify the key characteristics of the company

Materiality questionnaire

16 questions to express the degree of relevance of each SDGs within the company business

Materiality results

After filling in the materiality questionnaire, the company can view the SDGs by materiality scale.

Performance questionnaire

The performance questionnaire measures the company’s degree of sustainability through both qualitative and quantitative questions

Your level of sustainability

The average of the scores obtained in the performance questionnaire weighted according to the materiality classes

The improvement plan

Following the performance questionnaire, the Company is presented with an Improvement Plan

Document Upload

The user uploads documents to prove what was stated in the questionnaire, the Circularity team reviews the documents and validates the answers provided.

The sustainability assessment report

Following document validation, the Sustainability Assessment Report is drawn up, a document in which the results of the assessment are critically analysed and applied to the reality of the company.

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