The only geo-referenced circular economy platform dedicated to companies that want to reduce their environmental impact through the valorisation of their production waste, its  sustainable transport, the recovery of their waste and the use of secondary raw materials.   

How it works?     Give new life to production waste   

Through a characterisation of the materials it is made of, the system connects all types of companies related to it: those who produce the waste, those who recover it, those who process it and those who reintroduce it into a new production cycle.  

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Why you need it? One platform, all actors   

We manage the entire life cycle of waste and residues in an integrated way: production, collection, transport, treatment, recovery and final destination. Become part of a network capable of generating a concrete economic and environmental advantage in a circular economy framework. 

Waste valorisation and waste traceability   
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Material recovery, by-products,
End of Waste
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FAQ Frequently asked questions    

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The payment model is a pay-per-view. You can freely browse the platform, seeing for free the number of matches that meet your criteria. You only pay to get in touch with those that meet your requirements.
In order to have a real circular economy, thinking in terms of waste is not enough. We try to go deeper into the information of the EWC (European Waste Codes) with the characteristics of the materials it contains in order to be able to send it exactly to the plant or company that is interested in it.
We currently have over 20,000 companies registered, including producers, transporters and waste management/recycling facilities, and we are constantly updating our database.
Our algorithm allows for different levels of detail, we will search for your partners whether you simply tell us “plastic” or, for example, you can tell us that it is HDPE.
Depending on your needs, you can choose to contact the identified partner freely. If you need technical and regulatory support, our team of specialists is available to guide you through the whole process.