Case history


Target: Sustainability measurement and strategy



For over 60 years Authos S.p.A has been the official dealer of the Ford car manufacturer for the city of Turin and the towns of Moncalieri, Ciriè and Villar Dora, dealing with a wide range of activities related to the automotive sector, ranging from the retail and wholesale of cars, commercial vehicles and spare parts of the American brand, through short- and long-term rental and the sale of used vehicles, to maintenance and repair.   

In order to fully implement its corporate policy on sustainability, the Piedmont-based company has established a partnership with Circularity to follow up on the path of integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda into its corporate sustainability strategy. 


In order to define an integrated and solid sustainability strategy that embraces its three founding pillars (environmental, social and economic sustainability), the starting point is to assess its own positioning on the aforementioned issues in relation to the market and the sector in which it operates. To this end, Circularity has developed a corporate sustainability assessment tool that can take a snapshot of the current state of the company’s level of sustainability.   

Circularity supports companies in this process, from the filling in of the questionnaire assessing the company’s performance against each Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), through the selection of key information, and finally in the documentary collection required to validate the answers provided. The output of the questionnaire consists of a report on the company’s current sustainability performance with an improvement plan, defined on the basis of future targets and monitoring indicators.    

The company policy developed over the years by Authos S.p.a pays particular attention to its impact on the environment, the well-being and safety of human resources and its customers. With a view to pursuing continuous improvement and anxious to assess the goals achieved through the projects activated over the years, Authos has subjected itself to the evaluation of its performance through the Sustainability Assessment. 

strategia di sostenibilità


Following the preliminary assessment carried out for Authos, Circularity supported the company in the drafting of the Strategic Sustainability Plan, a structured path designed to support companies in integrating sustainability into their business model. The strategy built together with the company provides as output a three-year plan of concrete and measurable actions related to the United Nations 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals. The plan is also accompanied each year, in order to give full continuity to the reporting initiatives already implemented by the company, by the Sustainability Report. This, based on the GRI standard, represents the official document useful to report the economic, social and environmental results generated by the company in carrying out its activities and to communicate them to a wide audience represented by all the company’s stakeholders. 

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