Circular Waste Management

In our vision there is no such thing as waste, only a material to be reused in a new production cycle. Circularity helps your company to manage waste in accordance to the circular economy, finding solutions that benefit both you and the environment.


From project analysis to waste disposal and waste management consultancy, through to support in defining commercial agreements, Circularity team supports your company through the entire waste management process.  

Waste management analysis   

Analysing current waste management in your company to derive environmental and economic materiality data 

Identification of solutions 

Identify innovative solutions to reuse or recycle waste, favouring recovery rather than disposal 

Reducing waste costs  

Explore options to reduce the current cost of waste treatment and eventually make processing a source of revenue  

secondary raw materials 

Evaluate the potential exploitation of secondary raw materials (EoW) and by-products in your production cycle in active process re-design. 


Waste is in our DNA. This is why we have developed the only geo-referenced platform in Italy for its circular management, thanks to which we can count on a database of more than 20,000 companies including producers, transporters and recovery plants able to support you throughout the entire waste management cycle.  


We release all information about the recovery processes involved in the “circular path” initiated

We support companies in optimising the entire waste management process, in accordance with Directive 2008/98/EC and Regulation 2014/955/EU.
We quantify the environmental impact saved and emissions avoided based on the virtuous solutions undertaken  
Case History

Find out how Circularity has helped companies to apply the principles of the circular economy in their business model.

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