Case history

La Molisana

Target: Sustainability Plan and Report


Corporate Social Responsibility has become an increasingly urgent issue for businesses and consumers.   

In particular, companies in the agri-food sector are required to be able to shift their focus from product excellence to their own supply chain, bringing to light the values underlying the construction of a high quality Italian food product that is transparent and respectful of the territory. 

For this reason, La Molisana has embarked on a path that has led to the drafting of a strategic plan and sustainability report.  


Through direct discussion between the Circularity team and the contacts of the company’s main functions, a preliminary analysis of the context in which the company operates was carried out, direct and indirect competitors and the main sector trends were identified. The streamlining of ongoing projects and the identification of the main stakeholders to be involved, as well as the material aspects on which to focus the company’s efforts in the coming years, kicked off the process of drawing up a three-year plan with specific and measurable objectives, subdivided by priority.  

 The outcome of the path that La Molisana has chosen to undertake will be the Sustainability Report, which will constitute a road map with respect to the objectives that the company has set itself to achieve and a useful tool to communicate its commitment to sustainability in a transparent manner to all stakeholders and to report on the results achieved.  


The ‘His Majesty Wheat’ project was launched with the aim of guaranteeing an integrated supply chain of 100% Italian durum wheat, to ensure the highest quality controls at all stages of production, within a context of maximum transparency, traceability, food safety and recognition of the right price for local farmers.  


La Molisana operates a careful selection and management of raw materials, according to high standards of quality, high protein content and sustainability. The company has, in fact, embarked on a path that in the next three years will lead it to a ‘technical zero’ of pesticides, renewing its commitment to consumer food safety.  


In June 2021, La Molisana presented itself on the shelf with a completely renewed pack in entirely recyclable paper from responsibly managed and FSC-certified forests. An ethical choice that expresses the responsibility to create sustainable and lasting value for future generations.  


La Molisana has always been careful to combine tradition and innovation to meet the needs of a wider audience of consumers, who are increasingly attentive to wellness and variety of taste. To demonstrate this, it has devised special and innovative pasta shapes such as the ‘squares’ range, and is constantly searching for new ingredients that can help improve the body’s psychophysical state (fibre plus project).    


With the installation of the second tri-generator, La Molisana confirms its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint by investing in energy-efficient technologies capable of increasing productivity levels and promoting self-production of energy. Production processes as a whole are optimised to reduce waste: almost all production waste is destined for a new life, through recycling or recovery of materials, with a view to a circular economy and ‘zero waste’.  


The beating heart of its region, La Molisana is the only pasta company to carry the pride and joy of its land within its very name. The company has always been a reference point for its territory, attracting its talents, promoting the continuous development of skills and giving back to the community the support and closeness of an indissoluble identity bond, even stronger in the face of the difficulties caused by the pandemic emergency.   

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