Case history

Plastica Alfa 

Target: Strategic Plan and Sustainability Report


The plastics processing sector is increasingly focused on innovation and sustainability. In recent years, the focus has been on reducing the consumption of raw materials, environmental impacts and the development of eco-sustainable products. Plastica Alfa, an Italian company that has been operating for more than thirty years in the field of plastics processing for the irrigation & landscaping (Agribusiness), plumbing (Water Network), water treatment (Water Treatment) and thermo-hydraulics sectors, has embraced all three of these trends.   

Furthermore, during 2021, the company, in partnership with Circularity, decided to embark on a sustainability journey that led to the definition of a three-year Strategic Plan. The process was developed starting from an analysis of the product sector in which the company operates, which was followed by direct collaboration between the Circularity team and the main function managers in order to identify the areas of greatest interest on which to intervene. At the end of the analyses carried out, a three-year Strategic Sustainability Plan was drawn up with concrete and measurable actions, based on four pillars:

Human Resources and Organisational Structure
Innovation and Digitisation
Value Creation for the Customer and the Territory
Energy Efficiency and Territory.  

In this perspective, sustainability issues become part of the company’s operational management as reference values for the work of all company functions. The strategic guidelines, contained in the Sustainability Plan, have been outlined consistently with the UN SDGs and the Industrial Plan.  

 The process will continue with the drafting of the first Sustainability Report. In fact, although Plastica Alfa is not one of the subjects required by law, it has decided to voluntarily draw up and publish its annual Sustainability Report, with a view to transparency and social responsibility towards stakeholders and the community.  

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