Iso 9001:2015

Since its inception, Circularity, with a view to continuous improvement, has dedicated itself to the design and development of a corporate Quality Management System.  

In October 2021, it successfully passed the certification process and was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate.   

Rina certified that the organisation’s management system complies with the requirements of the standard in the fields of ‘design and delivery of applicable information, training and action services in the field of sustainability and circular economy’ and ‘design and delivery of waste, end-of-waste, by-product, environmental sustainability consulting services’.  

The certification of the management system, in accordance with national and international standards, demonstrates Circularity’s commitment to establishing a quality policy and activating a virtuous process of optimisation and improvement, aimed at obtaining innumerable benefits, including improved brand reputation, quality performance and customer relations.  

Possession of this certification attests that the company’s activities reflect the minimum requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, that the services provided therefore comply with the specifications dictated by the standard, and certifies that all the preparatory phases for their realisation are traceable and verifiable.