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To feed a growing world population and at the same time reduce our environmental footprint, we need to rethink the food system as we know it today. Around the world, about 1/3 of the food produced is wasted, while intensive farming and livestock production are putting a strain on ecosystems. Let’s find out together how to design a sustainable food system. 

Topics for this course


  • play_circle 1/4 Impacts schedule07:32
  • play_circle 2/4 Food waste schedule06:30
  • play_circle 3/4 The donation chain schedule08:09
  • play_circle 4/4 Small gestures of sustainability schedule05:24
Meet the lecturer  
Alberto Pizzocchero Environmental engineer

Environmental engineer specialising in sustainability, optimisation of waste management and treatment. He has always been passionate about the environmental issues of our society and is an expert in Europlanning and the development of environmental projects linked to the Circular Economy. “I am convinced that the Circular Economy is the answer capable of conveying social progress and quality of life with the enhancement and protection of the environment.” 

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