Akkadueo® Bio from Gommatex: the eco-friendly spreadable fabric

Date 13/06/2022
Tipo Case History
gommatex spalmati

We know how the textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world, ranking third in environmental impacts after energy and agriculture. More and more companies in the sector are therefore looking for new solutions to become more sustainable and circular.  

These include Gommatex, a company based in Prato that has been operating since the 1960s in the fabric and coated fabrics sector and is now present on the international market alongside major brands. The Italian company’s new product, Akkadueo® Bio, is a water-coagulated spreadable fabric made from recycled fibres from organic cultivation.   

The bio-based solution

akkedeuo bio of Gommatex spalmati

“The traditional process used for this type of coagulates is extremely polluting and energy-intensive. Three years ago, Gommatex stepped up research to meet the needs of the new collective ecological consciousness,” explains Gommatex Production Manager Engineer Alessandro Artusi.

The new polyurethane coated and coagulated products are the core business of the historic company, aimed at the medium-high end of the fashion industry.

The new product is the result of a whole new eco-responsible production process. In fact, Akkadeuo Bio is free of harmful chemical solvents, and is produced with a 95% reduction in methane, 76% reduction in water and 65% reduction in electricity.

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Akkadueo® Bio from Gommatex: the eco-friendly spreadable fabric

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