Case history

ISP Rent Foryou

Target: Measuring sustainability

misurare la sostenibilità

ISP Rent Foryou is an Intesa Sanpaolo Group company that supports and accelerates the growth of companies through the operational rental of capital goods. 

Encouraged by the partnership between Circularity and Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, during 2021 the company chose to measure its sustainability performance through the Sustainability Assessment.

Thanks to our assessment tool, ISP Rent Foryou was able to quantify its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, obtaining a “Conscious” Sustainability Grade.

The Materiality Analysis and the Performance Questionnaire 

The company’s first step was to define its Materiality, i.e. the degree of relevance of each SDG within its business. As a result, SDG 8, for fair and sustainable economic growth, SDG 10, to combat inequality, and SDG 13, to combat climate change, appeared among the most relevant goals.  

After discovering its Materiality, ISP Rent Foryou filled out the Performance Questionnaire, collecting both qualitative and quantitative company data, such as energy consumption. To support this, the company attached all the necessary documentation to the Circularity Technical Team to validate the answers provided in the questionnaire, so as to consolidate what would otherwise have been a simple self-assessment. 

The Sustainability Grade  

The main result of the Sustainability Assessment is the Sustainability Grade, i.e. the average of the scores obtained for each SDG weighted on the basis of Materiality. ISP Rent Foryou achieved a ‘Conscious’ Sustainability Grade, scoring one step below the threshold value that identifies the most ‘Mature’ companies in their sustainability journey. The spearhead of ISP Rent Foryou’s Sustainability Grade was the social dimension, for which the company scored 81, indicating an excellent performance. On the other hand, the widest margins for improvement were identified for the environmental dimension.

The Improvement Plan and the Sustainability Assessment Report 

Among the improvement objectives automatically proposed by the Sustainability Assessment, most suggested the launch of a plan to monitor environmental data, including the company’s Carbon Footprint, to date one of the most important indicators for monitoring its sustainability performance. All the results obtained by ISP Rent Foryou were finally collected and contextualised in a customised report: the Sustainability Assessment Report, accompanied by a collection of sustainability best practices for the relevant corporate sector. 

Future developments  

ISP Rent Foryou has capitalised on the suggestions for improvement made in the Sustainability Assessment and, wishing to establish itself on the market as a sustainable company, has chosen to re-evaluate its Sustainability Grade, with the aim of highlighting the progress made since last year. The results will be published by the end of June 2022, but preliminary calculations suggest that the commitment made by ISP Rent Foryou has borne fruit, enabling the company to make significant progress on its path towards sustainability.

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