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Circularity Assessment

The Circularity Assessment is the first digital tool that measures the circularity performance of a company or a group of companies in accordance with the new UNI/TS 11820 standard published in November 2022.
From both quantitative and qualitative data collection, the tool is structured as a real control panel for your business strategies from a circular economy perspective.

Divided into 6 areas, the Circularity Assessment will measure corporate circularity at 360°, highlighting opportunities for improvement in the supply of recycled and recovered raw materials, the use of renewable energy, the more circular management of waste, sustainable logistics, the implementation of industrial symbiosis strategies and the definition of stakeholder engagement policies on the issue of circularity.

The benefits of the Circularity ASSESSMENT


With the Circularity Assessment, it is possible to identify points of improvement and possible strategies to be adopted to make your company circular and sustainable


Circularity is an essential requirement to allow concrete actions to be pursued and measurable results to be achieved, to strive towards greater transparency for the market and for consumers


The measurement of circularity will be calculated according to the most valid and recognized methodologies currently existing and recently published


Assessment and data collection

At the end of the document collection according to the British standard BS8001:2017, the Circularity team will assess the company’s positioning according to the level of circular maturity

Definition of the improvement plan

Analysis of relevance to the company and assignment of weights to the indicators assessed, definition of the scope and mapping of the main actions to achieve the objectives set

Circularity report and certification

Processing of the results and preparation of a Circularity Report that can be integrated with the context analysis in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 or with a possible Sustainability Report. Support in obtaining certification by an independent third party body

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