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Duration 35m 20s
smart cities
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It is predicted that by 2050 68% of the world’s population will live in cities. This will exponentially increase pollution and problems related to mobility, energy use and the ramified demand for services. It is therefore necessary to rethink urban spaces in terms of sustainability and liveability.  

Topics for this course


  • play_circle 1/4 The growth of cities schedule06:46
  • play_circle 2/4 Characteristics of a Smart City schedule11:26
  • play_circle 3/4 Smart Cities in Italy  schedule12:36
  • play_circle 4/4 Future Cities schedule12:36
Meet the lecturer  
Alberto Pizzocchero Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineer specialised in sustainability, optimisation of waste management and treatment. Alberto has always been passionate about the environmental issues of our society and is an expert in Europlanning and development of environmental projects related to the Circular Economy. “I am convinced that the Circular Economy is the answer capable of conveying social progress and quality of life with the enhancement and protection of the environment.”

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